Sensible Funding™, Insured Warranty™ for LED & HVAC, and Over and Above Coverage™ for crops and all equipment.

For all indoor & outdoor cannabis growers.

No Pain.

One monthly no-debt fee covers all equipment, Above and Beyond Coverage and insured warranty.

No Risk.

Buys crops spoiled by broken equipment; pays expenses and funding during down-time.

No Worries.

Pays parts and labor to repair or replace broken equipment. No need for factory warranty.

No Problem.

Sit back- most of the effort and heavy lifting is performed for you, without any obligation.

We’ll fund AND protect the fruits of your labor.

One monthly payment funds the entire project, Above and Beyond Coverage™ and Insured Warranty™.

Sensible Funding™ for Cannabis


Crop Haven™ offers Sensible Funding™ for indoor and outdoor grow and processing facilities, whether cannabis, cannabinoid, hemp – including the building, upgrades, lighting, racking, HVAC, extraction, processing, controls, fees, etc. at sensible rates and terms, for cash flow friendly payments and ‘pain-free’ fiscal obligations.

Crop Haven™ offers Sensible Funding™ through its direct funding partners by preparing investment-grade, compelling client overviews, and substantially mitigating risk by including unique Over and Above Coverage™ and Insured Warranty™ to protect against crop spoilage and equipment failure.

Over and Above Coverage™


Crop Haven’s™ unique Over and Above Coverage™ for indoor and outdoor growers and processors will purchase crops, at wholesale, if spoiled from equipment breakdown or other causes, and pays all business expenses, salaries and funding payments during the time to re-grow the crop and/or repair or replace the equipment.

This coverage is designed to either sit ‘over and above’ the facility’s existing property and casualty insurance coverage or replace it – with substantially expanded coverage. Premiums are typically one half of one percent of annual sales and are included in the Sensible Funding™ for the entire funded term.

Insured Warranty™ for LED & HVAC


Crop Haven’s™ unique Insured Warranty™ for LED & HVAC provides extra coverage for mission critical LED lighting and HVAC – paying for parts, labor, show up fees, etc. to repair or replace any broken or defective item – eliminating reliance on a factory warranty, for quick, guaranteed resolution.

This ‘unlimited incident’ coverage provides a preset reimbursement amount for parts and labor, per incident, and is backed by a global insurance underwriter. This coverage also includes on-site safety stock for the LED lighting, to ensure zero lighting down-time. The premium is typically 2% of the installed price, annually.

Complete Care Concierge™


During the Sensible Funding™ term, all repairs and maintenance will be provided by the Concierge within the ‘immediate’ timeframe preset in the Concierge Service Agreement. This ensures immediate resolution of any issue without any lost time or inconvenience.

This Complete Care Concierge™ service is always a phone call away, 24/7. Service for non-warranty, out of warranty, and ‘separately charged’ service calls is also available, at preset rates for labor and equipment rental (if any), eliminating the risk of extra high costs typical with emergency repairs.

Easy Financing for
Off-Grid Cooling,
Heating and Power

Resilient, low-cost power for cannabis.

Crop Haven™ offers a myriad of financing solutions for CHP to ensure the energy savings more than cover the financing costs, for a cash flow positive approach to further enhance the ‘no black or brown out’, ‘no energy spikes’, ‘no runaway utility rates’ benefits of CHP.

Off-grid Cooling, Heating,
Power is now affordable.

Key Metrics to Justify
Off-Grid Cooling, Heating and Power

Proof positive before committing to CHP.

Crop Haven™ works with each client to identify and calculate all meaningful metrics, comparisons and costs to ensure maximum identification and quantification of all costs and savings for CHP – summarized in a proprietary CHP Cost and Benefit Analysis.

Measurable Off-grid Cooling,
Heating, Power benefits.