Complete Care Concierge™

White Glove Treatment Available 24/7.

Crop Haven’s™ optional Concierge Service Agreement ensures your equipment provider will manage and perform all factory mandated maintenance, and all eligible repairs and replacements, on a preset timely basis, for worry-free operation and hassle-free service.

During the entire term of the Concierge Service Agreement, your Concierge will be available, 24/7 for any and all repair and service required for all equipment covered by Crop Haven’s™ Over and Above Coverage™ and Insured Warranty™ for HVAC and LED – always performed within the preset ‘immediate’ timeframe.

The Concierge will manage and provide all factory mandated maintenance, all repairs and replacements of LED lighting and HVAC eligible under the Insured Warranty™ for LED and HVAC and Over and Above Coverage™ at no cost, and all other equipment under their specific factory warranty at a preset cost.
The Concierge will show up to provide all covered repairs and replacements within the ‘immediate’ time frame preset in the Concierge Service Agreement, minimizing down time – provided the Concierge will have unfettered access to do the work expeditiously.
Reasonable hourly labor rates, show up fees and response times will be preset in the Concierge Service Agreement for non-warranty, out of warranty, and ‘separately charged’ service calls, for work performed during regular business hours, and work performed on either Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
All repairs mand maintenance for equipment covered by the Over and Above Coverage™ or Insured Warranty™ for HVAC and LED, and factory mandated maintenance will be performed by the Concierge provided the equipment is used as and how intended.
The Concierge is also always available for equipment not covered by the Over and Above Coverage™ or Insured Warranty™ for HVAC and LED, non-warranty and out of warranty service a reasonable preset hourly rate plus costs. This removes the risk of high service rates typical with emergency repairs.
All post installation repair and factory mandated maintenance are included, freeing up the maintenance team from the time they would otherwise devote to this work – provided by a proactive, partnering extension of the maintenance team. Facility management will be kept aware of all work performed.
The Concierge will be responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the covered equipment through either its online or periodic in-person monitoring and management, to ensure the projected specifications and operational costs are attained, with continuous trouble-free use.
Labor and/or parts will be provided, managed and installed by your dealer at an extra, reasonable charge for controls, conduits, wiring; pre-existing code violations and/or system inadequacies; damage from water, weather, accident, vandalism, misuse, abuse, error, fault, neglect, circumstances beyond Dealer control, improper operation or omission of grower or any person whether or not under grower’s direction, alterations, moving, removing, repair or maintenance by anyone other than Dealer, operation not in accordance with grower’s stated use or hours of use, Dealer’s or factory’s specifications or recommendations; supplies, accessories, attachments, consumables, Product spare parts; upgrades, retrofits, major modification.