Insured Warranty™
for LED & HVAC

Better than any factory warranty.

Cannabis equipment is very complex. Crop Haven’s™ unique LED and HVAC insurance backed warranty immediately pays parts and labor to repair or replace if either defective, without factory intervention.

Crop Haven’s™ unique Insured Warranty™ offers extra coverage for LED lighting and HVAC, eliminating reliance on the factory warranty to minimize downtime at indoor and outdoor hemp or cannabis facilities from this absolutely mission critical equipment.

Crop Haven’s™ unique Insured Warranty™ provides immediate funds to repair or replace any defective LED lighting and/or HVAC equipment, including parts, transportation, labor and equipment rental (if required) for the repair and / or de-installation and replacement at preset amounts, without any deductible.
Crop Haven’s™ Insured Warranty™ for LED lighting covers all LED grow lighting, provided it is UL or ETL listed. Any material loss of lm/w, shift in CCT, change in L70 and difference from growth effect specifications are considered a defect – eligible for immediate payment for parts and labor for repair or replacement.
Crop Haven’s™ Insured Warranty™ for HVAC covers all HVAC, including air conditioning, heat pumps, furnaces and chillers; provided each system is professionally configured for the specific grow operation and professionally installed.
Crop Haven’s™ Insured Warranty™ for LED and HVAC eliminates the need for a factory warranty to repair or replace broken or faulty equipment – because it does not rely on or use the factory warranty for disbursement. This ensures quick resolution, without the need for factory approval.
Crop Haven’s™ Insured Warranty™ for LED lighting and HVAC is backed by an insurance policy underwritten by an A. M. Best top-rated global underwriter. This guarantees immediate reimbursement during the five or ten-year term.
There is no limit to the number of covered eligible incidents for breakdown due to defective equipment during the five or ten-year term. As a result, no serial numbers are required for the grow lights – only for the HVAC equipment.
An amount is preset by the cannabis grower and reseller for every LED lamp, based on its cost, including transportation, and the labor and equipment required to de-install and replace it. This “all in” coverage eliminates the typical “who’s going to pay” questions that arise if/when LED grow lighting fails.
In order to accelerate the replacement of absolutely mission critical LED Grow Lighting, a “safety stock” of extra LED Grow Lights can be kept on hand, as part of this Insured Warranty™, for zero downtime due to any defective mission critical LED Grow Light incident.
The Insured Warranty™ coverage is available for a term of either five or ten years, irrespective of Crop haven’s funding term, if any. Parts coverage is available for five or ten years; labor coverage is available for years one through five, one through ten or six through ten.
Crop Haven’s™ Sensible Funding™ includes all the equipment for the project, plus three or five years’ premiums for Crop Haven’s™ proprietary Over and Above Coverage™, as well as five or ten years of this exclusive Insured Warranty™ for LED & HVAC.
In the event the factory warranty for LED lighting or HVAC is relied upon by the facility for repair or replacement, Crop Haven’s™ Insured Warranty™ ensures the factory is aware of all facets of the warranty resolution required. This serves to accelerate factory approval and accurate resolution.
Crop Haven™ also provides optional Equipment Breakdown Coverage for repair or replacement of breakdown from accident, electronic circuitry impairment, power surges, short circuits and other non-warrantied breakdown; and Equipment Loss Coverage for damage or loss from fire, water, wind, theft, etc.