Sensible Funding™
for Cannabis

A single sensible monthly payment covers everything.

Crop Haven™ uniquely funds buildings and/or all equipment and costs for any indoor or outdoor cannabis grow facility, at sensible rates and terms, including an exclusive Over and Above Coverage™ and Insured LED & HVAC Warranty – with a single monthly payment, as either ‘off the books’ As A Service or lease or as a loan.

Crop Haven™ offers Sensible Funding™ through its exclusive network of direct funding partners for cannabis, cannabinoid, hemp, indoor and outdoor facilities, at sensible rates and terms, for cash flow friendly monthly payments and ‘pain-free’ fiscal obligations.

Crop Haven’s™ available Cannabis Growth as A Service™ provides immediate funding for any and all equipment required for any indoor or outdoor cannabis grow or processing facility. Payments are made via a monthly service fee, with no debt or Cap Ex on the books.
The single monthly payments are treated on the books as an operating expense, with no additional asset or liability recorded on the books. This eliminates the need to revise banking arrangements as it does not affect the bank line of credit. Debt financing as a loan or mortgage is also available.
Crop Haven’s™ Sensible Funding™ includes annual premiums for its unique Over and Above Coverage™ and Insured LED and HVAC Warranty™ – to substantially mitigate risk by protecting against crop spoilage from equipment breakdown or failure, and the costs to repair or replace broken equipment.
A single monthly operating expense payment covers all the building, upgrades, equipment and all related costs; including planning, installation, contracting, engineering, electrical contracting, equipment, hardware, software, controls, installation, professional fees, rentals, eco disposal, etc.
Utilizing Crop Haven’s™ Sensible Funding™ is designed to free up funds originally intended to purchase equipment for ‘cash’. Those funds are now freed up to purchase or outfit or build out yet another facility, where Crop Haven™ could again fund and protect the equipment.
The single monthly payment for the entire building and/or equipment portion of the project, including the insured LED and HVAC warranty, and Over and Above Coverage™ provides a single, known, budgeted monthly payment that can be counted on.
Wherever possible, the Sensible Funding™ rates, terms and conditions are set to ensure cash flow friendly use of resources, based on the supplied projected sales, net income and EBITDA. Crop Haven’s™ goal is to always contribute toward the probability of a successful launch or expansion of the facility.
The first payment can be delayed until the project is completed or equipment installed – sometimes until the business commences operations, depending on the circumstances. This eliminates excessive cash flow drain during the construction, installation and implementation periods.
All deposits are paid, as and when required by suppliers, providers, installers and contractors, to eliminate unnecessary cash flow drain. Final payment is made upon receipt of confirmation that the project and/or installation has been substantially completed, evidenced by the facility’s ‘go ahead’ signature.
Typically, at the end of the Sensible Funding™ term (usually three or five years), the equipment can be purchased outright for one dollar. At that point, all rights of ownership are transferred to the facility, for its own, long term use and enjoyment.
All utility rebates and tax incentives are paid directly to the facility or may be used to reduce the monthly payment. Crop Haven™ is often able to arrange these payments as either a pre-payment or ‘cash flow injection, depending on the wishes of the facility.
On book Cap Ex financing is also available from Crop Haven™, with all the benefits of its Over and Above Coverage™ and Insured LED & HVAC Warranty. This is typically done for the facility to capture accelerated and/or bonus depreciation, tax credits and other available tax benefits.
Crop Haven™ prepares a compelling, comprehensive investment grade client overview and funding proposal for its funding partners and manages and responds to all due diligence requests from its funding partner – handling the majority of effort and heavy lifting typically required of clients.
Crop Haven™ requires no fee, no contract, no obligation to prepare the investment grade Request for Funding Proposal, and to negotiate sensible rates and terms with our direct funding partners. If we win, you win. Period. All that’s required to get started is a mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvention agreement.