About Us

Our mantra truly is No Pain. No Risk. No Worries.™ for our clients and our funding partners - creating win-wins every day.

Crop Haven™ was born as a division of its parent, Awaken Assurance, to provide cannabis cultivators and processors throughout North America funding and risk mitigation services – providing Crop Haven’s™ direct funding partners sufficient comfort to offer funding at reasonable rather than ‘cannabis crazy’ rates, and our clients an easier path to success.

Crop Haven, like its parent, Awaken Assurance, prides itself on performing in-depth reviews of each client, in order to understand, appreciate and identify its unique selling proposition, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the ‘magic dust’ of its team and approach – in order to prepare an investment grade, compelling, complete and comprehensive request for funding proposal.

Crop Haven™ has developed close relationships with its network of direct funding partners, comprising second tier banks, family offices, money managers and equipment finance groups. Each has its own particular tolerance for risk, sweet spot for certain clients and wheelhouse of businesses and markets they prefer – and each relies on Crop Haven’s™ proposals and risk mitigation services for their success.

Awaken Assurance has been providing off-book financing and as-a-service funding for almost a decade – specializing on green energy projects, such as solar and tri-generation, and LED lighting retrofits. When a number of Awaken Assurance’s LED manufacturer referral partners asked for funding for their customers seeking LED grow lights for indoor and outdoor cannabis and produce grow facilities – Crop Haven™ was born.

The US legal cannabis market is forecasted to grow over 20% annually, reaching $23B by 2022. That said, the industry’s true growth potential is limited enormous up front capital requirements, long cash flow cycles throughout the supply chain and a lack of capital sources offering reasonable terms and rates. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor grow operations are overly reliant on mission critical, complex HVAC and LED grow lighting systems, Crop Haven™ has created a unique solution that addresses these issues head on.

All companies live and die by cash flow. Add to that the pain and suffering of launching an indoor and outdoor cannabis grow and/or cannabinoid processing operation – where, more often than not, no bank wants to provide funding, let alone with reasonable rates and terms. And where today’s HVAC and LED grow lighting are complex, sophisticated and often times intimidating. That’s where Crop Haven™ does its best by offering No Pain. No Risk. No Worries. No Problem™